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 FCI Agility WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2004, Montichiari (Italy)
23/26 September 2004

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
- Confucious (551 BC - 479 BC)



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in memory of Elena

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Adriana Mori (Brazil)           www.agiliteiros.com
Alar Meomuttel (Sweden)    Swedish Team Leader www.agility.se
Ari Honkanen (Finland)        Finnish Team Leader
Christina de Angelis (Italy)   www.spaziogratis.net/web/sportcinofili
Daniele Taglioni (Italy)
Elo Lindi (Estonia)               Secr. Estonian.K.U www.kennelliit.ee
Heidi Zahn (Germany)
Jan Egil Eide (Norway)        www.aginor.com
Kévin Paulmier (France)      agility.webheberg.com
Monica Percival (USA)       www.cleanrun.com
Mr Karandasov (Russia)      www.agility.ru
Mugge Pinner (Denmark)      mugge.suite.dk/agilidk.htm
Nikolett Sárközi (Hungary)
Sam Gotlieb (Brazil)            www.agilitynews.com.br/
Silvia Trkman (Slovenia)      2003 World Champion
Silvina Bruera (USA)           www.agilityinmotion.com/videozine.html
Svetlana Vanushina (Lettland)
Yoko Oikawa (Japan)